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It’s no secret that Snapchat is not like any other application that you have used before. The rules here are different and so if you get confused more often, you are not alone! But luckily, you have professional Snapchat users who have found out everything you need to know about the application. And they are ready to help you get out of the ground. The most important lecturing you will be needing is about Snapchat Chat Status. And trust us when we say that after you find out what each status means, it will make or break your interaction with your Snapchat friends!

Snapchat Chat Status

Snapchat Chat Status
Snapchat Chat Status

Though Snapchat has introduced instant messaging now, most of the conversations are still based on multimedia messaging. While it’s easier to know what “seen” and “received” means on text messaging, your multimedia interaction has different statuses.
First thing’s first, whenever you send a Snapchat to another person, you will see an arrow icon next to their name. And right here is where you can know more about Snapchat Chat status:

  1. If the arrow is Red and Filled; this means that the message has been sent to the other person but it has not been opened. This is specified for video with audio messages. But, if this arrow is Red and Empty; this means the message was opened by your friend.
  2. A Blue arrow is for picture chats only. If this arrow is filled that means your friend has not opened the message yet. But if its hollow from the inside, it means your chat has been seen.
  3. A Grey arrow on the other hand means pending. This means your message has not been received yet.
  4. A Purple arrow is for video chats. If you see a purple hollow arrow that means your video chat has been viewed. But if it’s still filled, it means the other person still has to see it.
  5. https://www.snapchatsemojimeanings.comIn case your arrow looks something like the above image; beware. This is Snapchat’s way of telling you that the other person took a screenshot of what you sent!