Find Out Snapchat Emoji Meanings To Become An Instant Pro

Snapchat Emoji Meanings
Snapchat Emoji Meanings

Connectivity with the social media was a hobby in past but as the time moved on, it became the addiction which wrapped almost everyone in its glamorous attraction irrespective of age or gender. Many social apps got fame but Snapchat has its own entity.  Now Snapchat user can depict his/ her mood through cool emojis. If you’re new to the world of social media, the hardest thing to decipher for you is going to be the emoji keyboard. You can understand how to add friends, find friends, block people, sign up for an account and what not. But, once you start having a conversation, you might get stuck because you are not sure what each emoji means. You will have to differentiate the Emojis while going on the instant messaging that which Emoji should be sent and when.  Well, if you are a Snapchat user, we are here for your rescue! Because soon you are going to learn the best Snapchat emoji meanings and by the end, you’ll be ready to have an emoji war with your friends on Snapchat.  This Emoji war will soothe you more and more that you are now able to face and encounter your opposition whatever he/ she is to wherever you are.

What Is Snapchat?

You heard the name of Snapchat, might have used or seen someone using but might have never focused like this that we are going to decipher today. Snapchat is a mobile app that has beautified the instant messaging with colors of life and is for Android and iOS devices. It is used to share the videos, photos, drawings or any type of text etc. etc. Snapchat can be downloaded easily and freely from the internet. It earned fame globally in a very short- span of time. This is very simple and user-friendly app that strengthens and stabilize your relations with your loved ones and friends through sharing your instants any types of messaging. Being a newbie, it’s perfect to briefly introduce you about Snapchat is a social sharing whenever and where you are.

Snapchat Emoji Meanings

Snapchat Emojis Meanings
Snapchat Emojis Meanings

Now your wait is over and the time has finally come! The following is a list of top Snapchat emoji meanings just to clear you out:

The Yellow Heart –

yellow heart

If you ever receive a yellow heart emoji or decide to send one, it usually means that you are best friends with the other person. And so, your Snapchat game is strong with each other.  It is a better emoji to let your friend known about your heartbeat for her/ him.

The Gold Star

gold star

Receiving a gold star emoji or seeing it while you check your Snapchat messages means that the other person has replayed your snap story in the previous 24 hours. Someone is really interested!

Smiling Face –

smiling face

This Snapchat emoji is usually used to express the kindness and sympathy to each other.  It is a usual emoji while sharing expressions.

Smirking Face –

Smirking Face

Let’s put it this way; you are good friends with the other person but you are not interested in just being friends. This emoji is usually common for sending out that sort of message.  A smug face expresses a courtesy and love even you are not interested in.

Face With Sunglasses –

Face With Sunglasses

If you send or receive this emoji, it simply depicts that you’re playing it cool!

Fire –


This simply shows that you are on a roll!

Hundred Emoji –

Hundred emoji

You have been in a relationship or friendship with the user and exchanging snaps etc from last 100 days.

Birthday Cake –

birthday cake

You can send, receive or see this emoji on Snapchat which basically means it’s their birthday today!

Baby –

baby emoji

This emoji with the name of friend depicts that they just have entered in the new friendship and newly added.

Grimacing Face –

Grimacing Face

This emoji depicts that your number one closest friend is their best friend as well and you send the most snaps to the same person that they send.

Sparkles –

Sparkles emojis

If you are having a group of friends and going to share any snap in the group. This emoji will appear next to your sharing to let your friends identify about your tag.

Zodiac sign –

Zodiac signs emojis

If you want a zodiac emoji to show next to your username then just enter your birth date resulting to your zodiac sign with your username.  Just assume, that if you were born in July then your zodiac sign will appear next to your username.

Face swap –

face swap emojis

You can enjoy photos or videos swapping through this feature.  This amazing feature lets you add the variety of smilies on the photo or video wherever you want to.

Mocking smile –

Mocking emojis

It depicts the association with your friend that you are the best friend of the user but he is not your best friend even though, he sends you more stuff than you.

Pink heart –

pink heart emojis

You are the best friend of the user for the last two months continuously.

Golden heart –

golden heart emojis

It describes that you send the most snap to this person and you both are the best official friends.

Red heart –

red heart emojis

You people have been sending snaps to each other for two weeks straight.

Sleepy face –

sleepy face emoji

This emoji is mostly used for showing the dejection, desperation or going to weep but actually, this emoji means to show the tiredness or the state of feeling slumber.


While using Snapchat, you learned Snapchat emoji mearings where you had predefined emojis which are used for instant messaging but we will let you know about a new thing Bitmoji a very cool and attractive feature in which you have a cool function to create your own comic and expressive cartoon avatar.  This pretty cool feature has earned a great and wow fame.  Just go with the fast-growing and updated library where you will get a variety of stickers, moods and whatever you need to feature yourself.  You will love to create your avatar and using it.  Now Snapchat lets you design your own bitmoji sticker with hundreds of new customized options.  These options include customizing your skin, skin color, hairstyle and hair color, forehead, eye, eye style, mustaches, beard, facial features etc and many more that you will see while using.

Even though this is a good and cool feature but Snapchat built-in emojis have its own attraction and understanding Snapchat emoji meanings is also an art.

Bitmoji was a brand of Bitstrips company which was acquired by Snapchat.

In order to learn and using bitmoji, you will have to do the following.  First of all, update your Snapchat app, install the Bitmoji app and click to the gear icon to open settings in Snapchat.

Select ‘Bitmoji’ and just follow the instructions.  The app will guide you itself thoroughly that how to create and configure your Bitmoji account with Snapchat.  Bitmoji can be sent in chats or can be added as stickers for individual Snaps. If you want to add a sticker, then create your Snap in the usual way by taking a picture or a video and click the paper icon next to the text edit ‘T’ in the top right-hand corner.

Click the face icon and select whichever Bitmoji you want to add.  If your friends are also using Bitmoji in Snapchat then you can use ‘friendmoji’ where you can enjoy two person emoji which is based on whoever you’re speaking to.

You can experience this smashing and perpetuating app with Emojis and Bitmoji with full attractive functions that allows you to connect the world within no time.  This fast medium shares your story in the world too speedily to be thought off.

Once you are addicted of Snapchat, you can’t go anywhere.  You can share your expressions with others but expressing your condition or conversation in Snapchat emoji meanings is such a beautiful technique that you never learned before like this and nobody taught you in this detailed method.  We hope that your passion of learning and understanding will again drag you to our website where we will never let you be desperate.


Take Your Snapchat Game Up A Notch With Snapchat Stickers snapchat emoji meanings
snapchat emoji meanings

When Snapchat launched for the first time, it has less features than we experience today. But as more and more creative users like you became part of the Snapchat family, the application kept evolving. So much so that today we have Snapchat stickers. Yes, gone is the time when you just used emoji icons. Today, you can include interesting stickers while you send out multimedia messages to your friends. And in order to help you get your Snapchat game stronger, we can reveal the many ways you can use these Snapchat Stickers!

Snapchat Stickers During Chats

Now that Snapchat has allowed you to use instant messaging on the application and even video calling, it’s time to make it more interesting. When you are chatting with someone on this platform, you will notice that at the bottom of the chat box, you have an icon that is labelled as “Stickers”.

snapchat emoji meanings
snapchat emoji meanings

On Tap on it will reveal the gold that Snapchat has been hiding just for you! They work just like emoji icons. So just tap one more time on the sticker you want to send and the magic will happen!

Snapchat Stickers During Picture Messaging/Uploading A Story

Here’s what you’re going to do:

snapchat emoji meanings
snapchat emoji meanings
  1. Take a Snap either from your back camera or the front camera.
  2. Once you have captured a perfect picture, you can edit it before sending it to a friend and adding it to your story.
  3. Click on the Stickers icon from the side bar.
  4. Add stickers.
  5. You can change the sizes with your fingers.

3-D Stickers

In order to experiment with these stickers, you can turn them into 3-D as well with this trick:

snapchat emoji meanings
snapchat emoji meanings
  1. Make a video with front camera of your face on Snapchat.
  2. Once you are done, you can edit it.
  3. From the side bar, click on Stickers.
  4. Find a sticker you want to add.
  5. Add the sticker where your face is in the video.
  6. Adjust the size.
  7. Play the video and it will move along with you!

And folks, this is how you make the most out of Snapchat stickers!